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Frogman #1



He’s green, he’s wet, he ain’t no pet… he’s Frogman, a beer-drinking, kebab-munching, sex-loving superhero who just wants a little recognition.

Frogman’s first adventure sees hims battle with everybody’s arch-enemy, The Taxman. If you enjoy #1, check out the complete Frogman Trilogy, available now!

Written by: Mark Lewis, Matt Fitch

Illustrated by: Matt Fitch

28 Pages





“The Frogman Trilogy is a slice of pure escapism… Quirky and fun. 8/10” – Comics Anonymous

“A ball and gut-buster that will have you in tears.”Fanboy Comics

“If you’re looking for a fun, adult comic that doesn’t hold anything back, then this is it.”Slackjaw Punks

“If you imagine Deadpool written by some filthy-minded Brits, then you get somewhere close to Dead Canary’s Frogman. 4/5”Pipedream Comics

“A fun, pun-filled read that is sure to satisfy the genre- savvy and newcomers alike.”A Place to Hang Your Cape

“Frogman is such a wonderful, unconventional read. It’s wonderful to see a comic flipping the genre on its head so playfully.” That’s Not Current

“You Sickos.” – Johnny Vegas, Comedian

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