Coming Soon: The Ministry of Normal

THE MINISTRY OF NORMAL: “Like the Avengers, but bat-shit cray cray” 

THE MINISTRY OF NORMAL is an absurdest superhero action epic punched directly into your eyes from the minds of Paul Clark-Forse and Will Robson, coming 2016 from Dead Canary Comics.


CHRIS SCIENTIST, BURNER, RANDOM MOSES, THE ROOKIE, SUPA COMA BOI and ANNE FRANK are THE MINISTRY OF NORMAL, Earth’s last line of defense against the smorgasbord of terrors waiting in the MULTIVERSE.  They’ll punch everything in sight if there’s the slightest chance it’ll save the planet.


Join them in their premiere adventure as they discover the SECRET DIARY OF ANNE FRANK and try to save the world from an invasion of HIGHLY EVOLVED MUTANT NAZIS from an alternate earth. THIS BOOK IS SO ACTION PACKED THAT IT CAN ONLY BE DISCUSSED WITH THE CAPS LOCK ON!!!!


Exploding Pugs! Time Traveling Anne Frank! Beard Powers! Infinite Nazi Libraries! Coma-fied Teenagers! Robo Hitler Erection! Shit Crisp! Dumb Robot! Chekhov’s Elephantiasis Gun!

You will experience these things, when you experience THE MINISTRY OF NORMAL!

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