Last Driver: The cover from some other brothers

Today is a good day, dear reader.

For today is the day we drop the Last Driver cover right into the path of those unsuspecting jellied cameras in your head you call eyes. Weep at the glorious combined majesty of Juan José RYP (Black Summer) and Boo Cook (2000AD). Sob before the face of Frank Sudden.

Mic Drop.



LD cover sketch

LD cover B+W


And cause we’re all about the process, here’s what goes into making the kind of frighteningly beautiful image you just saw.

First we start with the idea. This comes direct from the overlord of indie comics himself, Shaky Kane. Shaky sketched out his thoughts and those were passed over to Juan José RYP, who fully realised the sketch into the kick ass, no-holds barred cover image of Frank, some girls and some chainsaws. Then it went over to Boo who provided the slick nightmarish B-movie hues that finishes the whole thing off.

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