Dating with Wolverine

Balls on the table stuff here: I have commitment issues. New titles make me go limp. I can’t be bothered with the courting, and...
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The Final Zombie… Sir Moan-a-lot.

It’s the final Lyndon Zombie! Keep an eye out for Cosmic Fish, illustrated by Lyndon, coming soon from Dead Canary Comics.

DCC at the Captain America 2 Premiere

  Chances are last night you were probably in a bar getting hammered. On any other Thursday we would have been right there with...
Zombie banner

Zombie #8: Hockey Zombie

It’s Friday, and that means another Zombie from Lyndon White. SO HERE IT IS MOTHERCRUSHERS!:

Trained Medic: The Interview

Yo Interwebz! Where have we been all your lives? We’ve been busy over here at Canary Towers, busy like disgraced superhero Arsenal gets at a cat...
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The Worst Comic Heroes of All Time!

Excelsior my fellow Kick Ass’, Hit Girls and Saviours of Liberty! I’m sure you’ll all agree that it takes a lot of time being...

Howard Chaykin… Ever heard of him?

Neither had I, till I found myself standing at the counter of a comic book store in San Francisco on Free Comic Book Day...

Zombies #5 & #6

It’s been a while since our last Lyndon White Zombie post (apologies… we’ve been busy putting the final touches on Frogman Returns and Trained...

In Praise of… Brian K. Vaughn

‘Sup Kids? We like features over here at DCC, whether it’s Non-Comics Reader, Monthly Musings, Comics & Music or our popular Celebrity VS. Superhero...