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Looking for Love: The Bat

Hi my new friend Im glad to see that you are the face of a woman with hope. It is all right because you are...

Cheese & Cod

Dead Canary Comics presents a new daily comic strip by Spanish Art Director Víctor Monclús González. Somewhere in the UK, inside a fridge in...

Dating with Wolverine

Balls on the table stuff here: I have commitment issues. New titles make me go limp. I can’t be bothered with the courting, and...
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The Final Zombie… Sir Moan-a-lot.

It’s the final Lyndon Zombie! Keep an eye out for Cosmic Fish, illustrated by Lyndon, coming soon from Dead Canary Comics.

DCC at the Captain America 2 Premiere

  Chances are last night you were probably in a bar getting hammered. On any other Thursday we would have been right there with...
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Zombie #8: Hockey Zombie

It’s Friday, and that means another Zombie from Lyndon White. SO HERE IT IS MOTHERCRUSHERS!:

Trained Medic: The Interview

Yo Interwebz! Where have we been all your lives? We’ve been busy over here at Canary Towers, busy like disgraced superhero Arsenal gets at a cat...
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The Worst Comic Heroes of All Time!

Excelsior my fellow Kick Ass’, Hit Girls and Saviours of Liberty! I’m sure you’ll all agree that it takes a lot of time being...

Howard Chaykin… Ever heard of him?

Neither had I, till I found myself standing at the counter of a comic book store in San Francisco on Free Comic Book Day...